There are many benefits of Wikipedia. Learn how a business Wiki page can build trust and fuel growth for the long term.

Many know Wikipedia as the web’s go-to resource for info on, well, just about anything. From countries and history to celebrities and culture, Wikipedia offers a vast online encyclopedia covering nearly everything consumers search on the web, including detailed information on many of their favorite personalities, products, and brands around the globe.

But for those in the business world, Wikipedia can provide an entirely different opportunity: the chance to boost your marketing efforts, build brand credibility on Google and connect with thousands or even millions of unique Wiki visitors every day. Done right, a new Wikipedia page could mean nearly endless opportunities to turn users into potential customers and leverage that newfound authority into bottom-line value.

While not always easy, creating a Wikipedia page or Wikipedia article about your brand can have amazing benefits, including a distinct and powerful advantage over local competitors. Here are some of the core benefits of well-done Wikipedia pages and how they provide a critical boost when you need it most:

Enhanced authenticity and credibility

Wikipedia is hands down one of the most trusted information websites on the internet. Millions of users flock to Wikipedia pages and articles daily for accurate and reliable information they believe they can trust. On the other end, thousands of volunteer Wiki editors regularly monitor Wiki posts and pages to ensure they remain correct and up to the website’s lofty editorial standards, quickly removing falsehoods and incorrect info when they pop up.

In other words, users trust what they find on Wikipedia, and for good reason. And with a brand presence on the site, your Wiki page is sure to soak up some of that goodwill and benefit from the brand credibility and authenticity it provides. Having a Wikipedia page lends a sense of brand authority that’s hard to find elsewhere, delivering a sense of stability and expertise customers are more likely to turn to in the future.

Improved visibility in Google search results

Wikipedia’s position as the go-to online encyclopedia has earned it top billing in Google, which ranks Wikipedia articles near the peak of almost every search results page. This top-shelf visibility doesn’t just pull more users to the site itself, but generates powerful exposure for brands with a strong Wiki presence, expanding brand reach and putting your (authentic) business in front of more potential customers.

Wiki’s work as an online SEO booster tends to pay off for brands that could use some digital marketing help, providing a lift in search engines while growing your online footprint.

Building a Wiki page for your business creates a powerful marketing tool that puts your brand and your industry authority front and center.

Better website traffic

A high-authority Wikipedia page perched at the top of search is a great way to improve online brand exposure. But that added visibility comes with another potential but powerful perk: increased website traffic.

Your new Wiki page allows you to include external links relevant to page content. Including appropriate, well-placed links that support your Wiki page claims offers an excellent opportunity to direct Wiki visitors to positive brand assets. By extension, such assets can provide links to your website, ensuring more potential customers are heading in the right direction.

You may also drive traffic to your site by including direct links in compelling Wikipedia articles, each generated to fit Wiki guidelines and provide value-rich information to the reader. Site links must of course be justifiable and relevant, and able to live up to editor scrutiny. But when they do, you create a powerful connection that enhances website cred and points even more quality leads to the checkout line.

A great way to promote your brand (and services)

On the record, using Wikipedia articles to promote your business is strictly forbidden by the platform.

Because Wikipedia focuses on factual, verifiable info, any Wiki page or article content seen as obvious brand promotion will likely be removed by Wiki editors quickly, leaving your team in the lurch and scrambling for an end around.

But off the record, simply having a Wikipedia page is an amazing way to market and promote your services. Being on Wiki by itself not only provides a valuable online asset for your business but shines a spotlight on your values and services.

And it does so across the upper tiers of Google search, exposing your business to an even broader audience while framing your brand as a high-authority service provider.

Opportunities to add brand updates and inform your customers

Creating a Wikipedia page doesn’t just give you brand presence on Wiki. It also provides your company a valuable asset you can shape and edit whenever needed. This provides a highly visible platform you can leverage to update customers on important brand developments, technology, awards, and more. It also allows you to add more info and even link to other brand-centered assets as your company grows across the web.

Of course, Wikipedia writing and edits must align with Wiki standards to avoid the wrath of editors. And, each new link or citation must support existing content in a meaningful way. But once your team is familiar with navigating Wikipedia guidelines and adding new content efficiently, each new update should become just a little bit easier.

Wiki pages are great for keeping loyal customers informed on what you’re doing. They also lend credibility to product updates and events that may be dismissed otherwise.

Improved reputation

Once built, positive Wikipedia pages take up valuable, high-visibility real estate in Google search, both as an individual result and within your Google Knowledge Panel (generally located to the right on Google’s first page).

As a brand reputation management tool, these assets don’t just add authority and positivity to your online image. They also take up important space other items cannot, making it that much harder for negative articles, reviews, and other harmful info to gain traction to do serious damage to your credibility.

How do you create a Wikipedia page?

Creating a Wikipedia page can put your brand on the map. Once published, your Wiki page helps establish your business as a trusted service provider while increasing brand awareness, expanding your audience, driving traffic to your website and delivering the credibility key to long-term customer loyalty.

But building a quality Wikipedia page isn’t a one-and-done process. In fact, getting on Wiki often takes extensive knowledge of the page creation process, including the processes, content guidelines, unique formatting and Wikipedia’s extensive notability requirements – as well as a solid commitment of time, resources, research and learning.

When it comes to getting on Wiki – and going it alone – the process is neither fast or easy. Fortunately, my team knows Wikipedia page creation well, and can help you not only navigate that process, but reap the benefits of building a presence across the world’s most trusted information platform.

We know Wikipedia, and we partner with experienced Wiki writers and editors to ensure your brand get the most from this invaluable business-building tool. Learn more here.


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